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TSB-50 Two For One Twister For Filaments

This machine is a new type of doubling machine designed and manufactured by our company based on the comprehensive concept of absorbing domestic and foreign technology. It can merge two or three strands of yarn into one strand, and has the function of merging spandex yarn. It can also wind the yarn tube into a cylindrical tube. Suitable for the lamination processing of cotton, wool, blended, chemical fiber and other yarns.

TSB-50 Two For One Twister for filaments has the features with larger take-up capacity, energy saving, wide scope of twist and uniform spindle speed. When using360mm feeding tube, the weight of take-up package can reach 2kg. There are some real-time process parameters such as spindle speed, twist, take-up speed etc. on operating display of machine. It is an ideal twisting machine for filaments.

Product Introduction

To adapt to the varieties of yarn: cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blended single yarn and plied yarn. Installed total power: 6kw (60spindles)

· The machine head direction: right or left.

· Number of standard machine spindle: 60spindles.

· Body: consistsof 5spindles/section.

· Forming shaping control mode: electronic fork

· Single spindle intelligent take-up device

· Winding drum lift range:100-210 -mm.

· Winding count range: from Nm8.0 toNm80.0(from Ne to Ne)

· Winding speed: 400-1000 -m/min, stepless speed regulation.

· Winding combined number of shares: three and spandex.

· Full packages can automatic stop function.

· Fault self-diagnosis function.

· Multiple winding way (digital/precision).

· Single spindle fork of automatic cleaning function

· Intelligent electronic anti-stack function

· Process data application module function

· Process data grouping application function

· Single spindle motion process: the brushless motor and stepper motor control to complete independently.

· Tension control: tension control, sectional electronic intelligence according to the change and automatically adjust the pressure of tube diameter,  ensure the yarn tension.

· Energy-saving: single spindle movements independent optimization design of brushless motor control driver to ensure that the machine has the  most economic power consumption.

· Optional features: standardized machine design




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