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TSB-60 Precision Doubling Machine

The TSB-60 precision doubling machine is a new generation of doubling machines launched in response to the current market situation. It adopts the latest electronic yarn guide technology. This equipment is suitable for winding various yarns, silk, thread,and other composite strands into different density packages, achieving good unwinding performance during the twisting process..

Product Introduction
The yarn path is straight, with less hairiness and low unwinding tension;
The package capacity can be increased by 20-30%, that is, the length of the non jointed yarn can be increased by 20-30% under the same volume;
Adopting electronic constant motion guide yarn to completely solve problems such as oily yarn and grooved tube yarn separation;
The unwinding tension in the subsequent double twisting process is uniform, reducing the probability of breakage;
High length measurement accuracy, controllable accuracy range of two thousandths, and good length consistency;
The range and bevel angle (edge retraction) are infinitely adjustable. By adjusting, phenomena such as"chrysanthemum heart"and"convex edges"can be
effectively avoided.




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