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TH-6 Two For One Twister For Filaments

It is a kind of twisting machinery for filaments, get two twist when spindle rotate one circle,its twisting efficiency is double times comparing with those traditional twist machines, no do the knotting procedure at more than ten thousand meters of twisting filaments , and the twisting quality is greatly improved.

Product Introduction
1. Reasonable height between decks, no need to work trolley, more convenient operation.
2. Servo motor is used to move the yarn-moving bar, which has high speed and high precision.
3. Servo motor is used to drive the winding friction drum, and PLC is used to control the real-time closed-loop monitoring ofthe operation of each
 process parameter.
4. Using a touch screen to achieve parameter settings: displaying main parameters such as twist and spindle speed, making yarn replacement
 process operations more convenient.
5. Specially treated filaments TFO spindle, suitable for a wider range.
6. Optional electronic yarn breaking detection and alarm device, convenient operation, avoid production loss.
7. It has power failure protection and memory function.
8. Can do yarn package on unflanged tube.

9. Higher machine type, larger winding capacity of yarn package. 




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