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TDN-160 Pneumatic Two For One Twister For Short Fibers

◎The smallest occupied area: While ensuring the superior performance of the machine, the machine has a small occupied area.

◎Pneumatic threading device: High threading efficiency and simple and safe operation

◎Pneumatic automatic lfting device: After the yarn breaks, the cradle is automatically lifted up to avoid wear the yarns on the surface of the yarn package.

◎Advanced electronic digital control system: The technological parameters such as yarn package forming, yarn twist and so on are set on the display. easy operation and complete functions.

◎Servo drive system and PLC control three independent motors to run at a constant speed ratio to ensure uniform twist during running and stop of the machine.

◎The power-off synchronous protection function ensures consistent yarn twist is and non end- breakage when the machine is suddenly powered off

Product Introduction
Servo drive
Operation terminal
Pneumatic spindl
Pneumatic spindl
Lift-up device of cradle
Reserve tail mechanism
Yarn balloon limiter
Servo drive
1, one-button setting parameters, setting spindle speed and yarn twist at will 2, electronic anti-pattern 3, electronic loose edge 4, high take-up speed 5, no oiling, easy maintenance 6, personalized package forming method.
Operation terminal
Can display and set:
1, spindle speed, twist 2, crossing angle 3, set time, length measurement 4, traverse 5, winding type 6, production calculation 7, save technical parameter
Pneumatic spindl

1.The parts in contact with the yarn is treated so that the yarn is with most effective protection

2. The spindle pot is adopted flexible positioning to reduce the vibration and noise of the spindle

3. Convenient pneumatic threading operation

4.Convenient yarn unwinding tension adjustment, wide applied range of yarn

5.using high quality spindle bearings with high spindle speed and long life

6.The twisting zone is separated from the transmission zone to reduce the possibility of oil staining for the yarn and get the possible operational safety at the same time.

7.series of spindles for a wide applications range.

Pneumatic spindl
Greatly reduce the threading time, Press the foot pedal to brake the spindle, further step on the pedal and the air flow is compressed. Drive the yarn into the spindle and go up into spindle pot area. It makes operator easy to grasp the yarn and complete the threading operation.
Lift-up device of cradle
The yarn breaks lever falls when the yarn breaks or the yarn package is replaced, the take-up package will be lifted up automatically from the friction drum after a certain time delay so as avoid damaging the surface of the package.
Reserve tail mechanism
Automatically create yarn tail using for replaced package and provide a high-quality yarn package for next process.
Yarn balloon limiter
Expanding the yarn count range of twisted yarn by adding yarn balloon limiter, a stable balloon is obtained, which creased the spindle speed and the output as well as reduces energy consumption.
Main technical specifications
Spindle specification
Layout Of Machine


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